Areas of Practice


If you have been arrested, or believe your are the focus of a criminal investigation, you should confer with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

When law enforcement tries to speak with you, demand an attorney. It is your Sixth Amendment right to confer with an attorney and have him present during any questioning. It is your Fifth Amendment right not to speak. Exercise your Fifth Amendment right. Don’t speak with law enforcement. Speaking with law enforcement may damage your case. If law enforcement asks for your consent to search (look around in your car, home, etc.), don’t agree to it. Consenting to a search may provide evidence against you. Be polite, but firm.

As soon as you are charged with a crime, it is a lawyer’s duty to diligently pursue your interests with zeal. When making decisions about your case, you should look to an attorney with the legal knowledge & experience necessary to make a proper evaluation of your case.


The form of business chosen for a business entity potentially affects every aspect of its operations. We assist clients with formation and business planning and in the decision of whether they want to operate as a closely held business, limited liability company, partnership, or corporation.

The firm advises clients about directors’ and officers’ liability, dissolution, franchising, reorganization, joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, business successions and shareholders’ rights.


We handle a variety of estate planning matters, including asset protection, tax reduction and avoiding probate.

We help individuals plan for the distribution of assets and property at the time of death considering wills, taxes, insurance, property and living trusts to meet the needs of our clients.


Estate Administration includes the probate process as well as non-probate transfers of the deceased’s assets. State laws direct the probate court how to distribute the deceased’s estate.

State laws and procedures may vary, so it is important to consult a firm with expertise in this area of the law to ensure that the deceased’s assets are distributed correctly and to assist in post mortem planning and tax reduction.

Probate is the legal process by which a person’s debts are paid and assets are distributed upon death by use of probate court. When suitable, we help clients with the distribution of their assets after death without probate.


We represent clients in all proceedings and transactions that deal with residential and commercial real property, including purchase and sale agreements, mortgages, lease agreements, closings, and property management.


Michigan is a “no-fault” state. The circuit court has the power to terminate the marriage regardless of who did what to whom. Fault, however, does play a role in the court’s determination of child custody, property division and spousal support.

Getting a divorce takes time. If children are not involved, a divorce may be granted in 60 days. When children are involved, a divorce cannot be granted until six months have passed. It should be stressed that these are minimum statutory times. More often than not, it may take much longer than the minimum times, based on the level of contention, court docket and many other factors.

You do have a right to represent yourself in court. Judges may or may not be helpful to you though. Court employees are not allowed to give legal advice. Representing yourself in a divorce action is analogous to removing you own appendix. It can be done, even successfully, but certainly not recommended.

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